We are pleased to announce that Recall has completed the acquisition of Media Services on December 20, 2013.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Recall user community – 300 dedicated operation centers, spanning five continents, in over 20 countries.  With Recall you will receive the combined benefits of a large global organization with stability, innovation, security and standard operating procedures, paired with the flexibility, responsiveness and excellent service you have received with Media Services.

As a valued Recall customer, you will have access to a new suite of services (Digital Services, Data Protection Services, Asset Management powered by RFID and Information Governance Solutions), global industry expertise, a Six Sigma culture and a dedicated local Account Management team to help you strengthen your information management platform with the Media Services solutions you know and trust.

At Recall, we are aware of the high level of service provided by Media Services in the Kansas City market, and we are focused on providing you with the same unparalleled account management and client focused solutions.  We are confident and committed to a seamless transition without disruption to the high quality of service you have come to expect as a dedicated user of Media Services.

We are very excited about the prospects ahead as we blend the considerable talents and technology of Recall and Media Services.  Our continued goal is to provide you with transformational information management that streamlines your operations and empowers your success.  Ultimately, our success comes from helping you succeed.  We take pride in our excellent customer service and innovative solutions, and we look forward to servicing your needs as our newest Recall customers.

Mark Madej

…and Hello!

Teamwork. I love teamwork. It's the main reason we get so many compliments on our level of service and friendliness.

Teammates focusing on end results, driven beyond their perceived limitations to achieve the best possible outcome....And with others supporting them along the way. We enjoy being teammates with you, our current clients and our future clients!

At Media Services, no one is better than anyone else - we just have different responsiblities.

Thank you for visiting,
Robert Rippentrop, President